Our School and Community

Devonport Primary School caters for Kinder to Grade 6 as part of an inner urban community. The school’s close proximity to Devonport’s Central Business District allows easy walking access to many community facilities, e.g. Devonport City Council, library, art gallery, post office, businesses and the waterfront.

Devonport Primary was the first primary school in Devonport and at one time boasted over one thousand students. The progressive opening of other primary schools, the encroachment of commercial and professional businesses and the area being generally less populated by families with school age children, have been contributing factors to the decline in our school population. Our current enrolment for 2015 is 285 students.

The school community has developed a cohesive, supportive and caring environment to enhance students’ learning opportunities. We have enthusiastic parents who actively support the school’s programs and activities.